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PA Dental Association seeks general anesthesia coverage for young patients and children with special needs

Ian Kreher

In a press release issued today, the Pennsylvania Dental Association stated:


The Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) is urging state lawmakers to support legislation (House Bill 532) requiring insurance companies to cover the costs of general anesthesia for young children and patients with special needs.

Many young patients and those with mental or physical disabilities often experience stress when visiting a dentist’s office. Some patients require general anesthesia before a dentist can treat them. However, many insurers refuse to cover the cost of anesthesia for dental patients. If a parent or caregiver cannot afford the cost, it could result in a patient delaying treatment or neglecting oral health.

State Rep. Stan Saylor, R-York, who sponsored HB 532, said, “Insurance companies refusing to cover anesthesia is equivalent to them denying oral health care for children and special needs patients.”

Dr. William Spruill, PDA President, added: “Good oral health is vital in a person’s overall wellness and PDA is working with state lawmakers to ensure that all patients have access to quality oral health care.”