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Proposed law would require PA dentists to purchase malpractice insurance

Ian Kreher

Writes the Harrisburg Patriot-News in an article published Monday, August 1:


"Most dentists in Pennsylvania carry malpractice insurance, but currently, they aren’t required to do so. 
That may change in the near future. 

Sen. Pat Vance, R-Cumberland County, has sponsored a bill requiring dentists to purchase malpractice insurance. The state Senate unanimously approved the bill in June, and it is now in the state House of Representatives. The Legislature is in recess for the summer. 
Vance introduced the bill after hearing reports of patient abuse in Reading, Berks County, and other areas of the state. Dentists who didn’t buy insurance could lose their license under the bill. 
“Most responsible and group dentists already carry this kind of insurance anyway,” Vance said. “But unfortunately,  the rogue dentists we really need to have this kind of coverage, to protect the consumer, are the ones who don’t.” 
Dentists would be required to purchase liability insurance of $3 million annually. That amount of malpractice coverage would cost the average Pennsylvania dentist about $2,400 annually, according to Gil Davis, CEO of Pennsylvania Dental Association Insurance Services."


Read the rest of the article at the Patriot's website.