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The PA Coalition for Oral Health is the statewide advocacy organization dedicated to promoting the importance of lifelong dental health by shaping policy and educating the public so Pennsylvanians know that all mouths matter. The priority areas are intentionally broad and far-reaching, and are intended to allow members to work on a variety of topics within the broad goals, depending on what the legislative session holds. The priorities are also written to be as inclusive of our valued partners as possible. For some priorities, it is appropriate for PCOH to lead the lobbying effort. On others, PCOH takes a partnership position and works closely with another lead organization.


Supporting Pennsylvania oral workforce development

Oral Health Training Opportunities

Credentialing Tip Sheet

Workforce Prototype Report

Statement on Public Health Dental Hygiene Practitioners

Improving oral health for Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable populations

2017 Adult Dental Benefit Brief

2019 News Report on Adult Dental Benefit

Enrollment Announcement

Advancing and advocating for oral health policy and infrastructure across all systems

2017-2020 PA Oral Health Plan

2018 PCOH Oral Health Overview Brief

2019-2024 Oral Health Surveillance Plan

Advocating for community water fluoridation

2017 Community Water Fluoridation Brief


  • Charitable work tracking for oral healthcare providers
  • Administering water fluoridation grants for water authorities
  • Teaching students across Pennsylvania using Teeth by Mary Otto
  • Awarded 12 mini-grants, totaling $25,900 across the state to support work that advances the priorities of the PA Oral Health Plan
  • Continuing to work with DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement and the OH2020 Network as part of the PA Family Oral Health Collective.

If you want to collaborate with us, contact Helen at [email protected]